The first slap

The first slap
This photo was taken the day after I was diagnosed, and it is my first bitch slap at cancer. I'm the one with the icepack symbolically placed on my boob. My teammates changed our team's uniform to pink at the last minute, and I came off the soccer field that night with one goal and a whole lot of love. Several of these women are my close friends, but they are all warriors, and they all helped me set the tone for this fight.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Radiation as stealth bitch slaps

So, with the onset of summer I'm moving forward with treatment. I had my first (of 30) radiation treatments today. I have sort of been looking forward to radiation, knowing that it will be so much easier on my system than chemotherapy. What I wasn't expecting is how uneventful radiation is.

I'm not exactly sure what I was I thought it would be like, but at a minimum I guess I was thinking a little light might come out of the radiation gizmo hovering over me, or perhaps there'd be some buzzing sound coming from it, like when you get an X-ray. And at most, I was imagining it might be a bit like lying in a tanning booth (although I've never done that), or in some Star-Trekky table thing with blue neon lights surrounding me. But no, it's pretty much just lying really still in a plain old medical room with a machine over me that apparently sends radiation into my body in a way that evades my sensory perception. The only sounds I heard other than the conversation of the technicians was the Norah Jones music playing on the sound system. While I love Norah Jones, I'm almost disappointed! I mean, this is the beginning of the last major portion of my treatment, so something more explicitly bitch-slappy would seem to be in order, like the Violent Femmes.

But really, I can't complain. Radiation is easy-peasy. The most "severe" side effects would be a bit of fatigue and some sunburn-like skin changes on the radiated area, but if those happen at all it wouldn't be until I'm a few weeks into the process. So I'm running with it, and reconceptualizing this process as stealth bitch slaps. Any remaining cancer cells won't know what hit them. In fact, they all just kiss off into the air!

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  1. Something more Bitch slappy.... like the violent femmes
    Best line ever!!

    Im picturing you ready to do battle...all pumped up....while elevator music plays
    (And I love Norah Jones too)

    Too funny!!
    Lori evans


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